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To see how Office 365 could benefit your Business and improve your teams remote productivity

We have all been using the Microsoft Office Suite for many years now and the latest release, Office 365, takes the familiar product to the next level, providing a wider range of tools and services to improve your business productivity.  You can now access your email, calendar, files and Microsoft Office applications from virtually any device wherever you are, on the road, at home or in the office.

Office 365 is a subscription based service, providing you with flexible options to only pay for the services you use, giving you complete control of your software spend, including the familiar Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote by default.  There are also a number of options that also extend to Outlook, Publisher and Access where required.  More flexible licensing also enables each user to install the products on up to five devices each, and there is also support for on-line versions of the applications that can be accessed on virtually any device, without limits.  And the applications are now supported not just on PCs and Apple Mac products but have been extended to also include Android and IOS.

In addition, to assist with collaboration, there is now the inclusion with some subscriptions of Skype for Business, OneDrive for unlimited on-line file storage and sharing, SharePoint for team sites and data management and Yammer to provide you with your own corporate social network.  Combine these with the Exchange Online elements with business email and shared calendars with spam and malware protection then you have the complete set of tools to effectively communicate and share data across your entire organisation, constantly being updated to ensure that you are running the latest release.

i3Q have already performed a number of migrations for our clients from their existing on-premise Exchange solution to the Office 365 with Hosted Exchange offering and they are seeing the benefits already, and we can also take over the support and expansion of your existing Office 365 installation if required. 

Contact us today for more information on how Office 365 can help your business remain at the forefront of communication and collaboration technologies.

Making the leap to Office 365

How our team helped a freight forwarding business get online with Office 365.

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To see how Office 365 could benefit your Business and improve your teams remote productivity

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