Cloud Based Backup

Secure off-site storage for your business data

Your company's data is a vital asset. Losing it would have disastrous consequences to your business operations.

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The Cloud has changed the data backup industry. Because of its affordable price point, you are now able to get an offsite solution that automatically backs up your data with no more tape or reliance on local hardware solutions.  The Cloud approach is simple and the data is available anytime and anywhere.

However, a disaster recovery or business continuity plan is much more than just backing up your data. In the event of a partial or total loss of your IT systems you may need to consider how to restore the files or machines, what you will be restoring to, how long the recovery will take and how do you actually know that you have actually backed up all the data you need?

At i3Q we can provide you with a simple, off-site backup solution that removes all the above headaches and provides you with an easy-to-use system that does just what a backup product should - backs up your data. The product is able to identify the type of data you have and can provide backup of files and folders, SQL databases, local Exchange, System State, VM Ware and HyperV environments so whatever server infrastructure you have, the data is protected.

Our consultants can work with you to design the off-site solution that is right for you, from file level and individual folders right up to full system backups to enable fast recovery to a virtual machine in the event of a complete failure. We can also provide a local backup option to run in parallel with the dataset that is hosted in the Cloud for fast recovery of individual files and folders if required. We are also able to process multiple backups during a day for high-availability systems to ensure that an accurate and up-to-the-minute snapshot is available where needed.

This is a fully managed service so you don't need to worry about the backup operations - it is monitored by our 24x7 monitoring solution and any issues with your data protection are automatically escalated to us for immediate investigation and resolution. Please contact us today to find out more about how our off-site Backup solution can provide you with peace of mind for data protection.

Simplified Backup Management

Providing a central view of all backup processes

Call us on 01438 518700

For an initial consultation with one of our consultants about your online backup needs

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