Windows 10 Connectivity Issues to Server 2008

We have recently been working with one of our clients who has deployed a number of Windows 10 Desktops and Laptops to their environments and was experiencing issues with connectivity to their older Windows 2008 Servers.  Whilst all appeared to be working as expected, there would be random network drops and connectivity issues from all the Windows 10 machines back to the Server 2008 resources.  All existing Windows devices (running Windows 7) were not affected.

This has been a known issue with some legacy systems connecting to newer Operating Systems, however you can never assume in IT that one issue you are seeing is the same as one you have seen somewhere else just because the symptoms appear similar.  To confirm that it was indeed the same problem once again, we performed extensive investigation works on this and, to eliminate the Windows 2008 Server as being the actual cause, performed an emergency migration to a new Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine of all the services and data that the legacy 2008 system was providing.  Since that time, no issues have been seen from the Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices and the network and connectivity is stable and reliable once again.

It is worth highlighting that Microsoft ended mainstream support for the Windows 2008 Server product back in January 2015, so there is no guarantee that, as new products become available, they will remain operational with the older Server environments that are still installed to some businesses.  If you would like a health-check on your older server architecture performed to ensure that you are not running older and potentially out of support software, please contact us so that we can arrange for one of the team to come in and advise you on your infrastructure scalability.