Making the leap to Office 365

We see on a regular basis that, as a business grows from a resource level over time, this introduces the interesting challenge of software licensing and version tracking.  Combine this with modern requirements to be able to access our office tools that we take for granted from wherever we are and it is clear that there is a need for an easy approach to keeping your business up-to-date and working from any location.  Microsoft Office365 does exactly that, and more and more of our customers are seeing the advantage this brings and migrating across to this centralised Microsoft platform.

One of our clients had an infrastructure that had grown over time and resulted in their team running multiple versions of Office (2010, 2013 and 2016, even some on 2007 still that were on really old hardware!) and this was causing compatibility issues across the estate as well as some of these now being out of mainstream support and therefore no longer able to receive the latest security updates.  In addition, the legacy Exchange server was in need of upgrading as this was running out of space, however the latest incantation of this product would not provide support for the older versions of the Office suite any more.  Combine this with the need to provide more users with access to, not only their email, but their data whilst away from the office and Office 365 has provided the perfect match for the scenario.

From a user perspective, migrating to Office 365 has provided all users with the same, latest version of Office so all compatibility issues are now removed and any updates are automatically distributed by Microsoft as and when they are available to ensure that all users are on the most recent and secure version of the products they know and love.  By porting the Exchange product into ‘the Cloud’ there is now a centralised administration portal, guarantee of service availability, no need to worry about internal resources and an email service that can be reached from anywhere that there is an internet connection, no matter where employees are working from which has brought tremendous benefit.  This was then used in conjunction with the SharePoint offering of the Office 365 product to also transfer all company data into a hosted environment, providing the addition of access to all office based resources whilst also travelling around without the need for complex VPNs or remote access tools to provide users with connectivity back in to the office network. 

Office 365 has revolutionised the way many of our clients are working by providing them with instant access to their business information wherever they are located, removed legacy equipment from their offices and opened up a whole new way of thinking for their mobile workers.